Evgeny Rylov: I have enough for everything except swimming

Olympic medalist in swimming Evgeny Rylov in an interview with ria Novosti special correspondent Veronika Gibadiyeva told how he perceives the loads, why he was hated in the football team, about the attitude to the title of “Best Athlete of the Year” and about the failure to The Games in Rio de Janeiro.

– Eugene, what questions annoy you the most? – “H
ow did you achieve such success?” (laughs). And you think, “Hm, how, how?! Figion every day before losing his pulse – that’s all!” yes, there are nuances in working with the coach, they each have their own, and it goes without saying, but it all rests on the fact that you just plow more than everyone else.

“It’s just boring and hard wo
rk?” And of course, it’s not so interesting, and it probably sounds pretty boring. You’re just doing everything you can to improve the result. Over and over again, the same thing. Well, it’s boring, isn’t it? But someone is working into it and becomes interested, someone refuses such work, leaves. Someone finds new stimuli, someone studies their weaknesses and tries to do everything to minimize them somehow.

“And you
? – And to me – no matter how hard it may be, I continue to work. I understood for myself one thing: when I finish – good or bad – I will remember it all with a smile. I’m not going to be sad and worried about “why did I do all this?”

– Swimming is ploughing, sports “masochism.” Are you the kind of person who likes to handle these loads? Go through all this pain, the weight, to achi
eve something? I’m just that of this number. I don’t like it when something is just given. I like it when you overcome yourself, when you do something through “ican’t” for the sake of a goal and achieve it. That’s mine. I get satisfaction from it. You do something a hundred times, a hundred and a half things are crazy, but you take it and do it, because without it, it’s just going nowhere. That’s right, my case, it’s interesting.

– Has it always been
like this? – My mother says that as a child, when I wanted to climb on the sofa, fifteen times fell, but then still climbed. Until I do – did not let go (laughs).

– You and the coach have reached such an understanding over the years that you know that at this moment you definitely do not need to approach eac
h other? – And we, you know, always have something new. He and I are not bored. We have been working together for the ninth year.

– Which one of you reacts more violently when something does not work?
– Depends on the circumstances. It’s about the same. Somewhere I understand that I can’t climb higher, that I’m overloaded, the coach starts to show that he doesn’t like it. Sometimes, and vice versa, I’m freaking out because I don’t do some things, and he sees it as normal. Yes a lot of options, in different ways.

“And what can make yourself mad? –
When something doesn’t work out. That’s when the story we talked about starts – I start doing it until It works (laughs).

– In another sport you can imagine yoursel
f? – Yes, probably in all, except that weightlifting. Running, volleyball, basketball, triathlon, skiing – anything. I’ve got enough coordination for that.

– And for synchronized swimming
? – Swords, it’s not mine.

– Problems with flexibility and plasticity
? – No. Just for me, men should show more athletic movements, power movements in the water. Ballroom dancing – I understand, but in the water … I don’t know, it’s not for me. There is no men’s rhythmic gymnastics. No one’s going to look at it, except for the girls themselves.

– Do you find a good common language with other peop
le? – I am unlikely to contact first, but I have no problems in communication. I don’t feel awkward, I don’t feel any tightness.

– And if a person does not like, will you avoid communication?- Th
e first one will not write, but there will be no negativity.

– Sometimes after the semi-finals you avoid communication. Is it some kind of strategy or depends on the mo
od? – Just a little bit: extra thoughts sometimes want to hold, it’s an extra psychological load. And you don’t want to be distracted by other information once again. Plus I always try to go faster to recover purely for physiological reasons, and when you stop, you can talk and then can not kick out of yourself lactate.

I went to the final with the idea – how not to lose?

– The first Olympics in your career has changed your views on work, on training? –
Yes. In 2015, there was no such responsibility at the World Championships, there was no such “tension” as in the Olympic year. In Kazan, no one really expected anything from me – there is a medal and there is, and when at the Olympics first went to the final, sailed with a clear reserve … There was a difference between how I reached the semi-finals and how I reached the final. It was just heaven and earth. I went to the final with the thought – how would I not lose? And not with normal motivation – how to get pleasure from the start?

“Is it from a la
ck of experience?” I knew I could win and started to absorb other information.

– Social networks read at the Olympi
cs? – Maybe on Instagram, but it is not from the Internet cheating on emotions was. He screwed himself up.

– You, by the way, are not so active in social netwo
rks.- I will try to improve. But I’m not the kind of person who’s going to put everything out or just out of boredom. I always thought – who is even interested in what is happening to me, but, as it turned out, someone is really curious.

– Stress how do you shoo
t? – I listened to music before, played something. Now I read more often books.

” For exampl
e? – “The subtle art of pofigism.”

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– There are funny talking points. What’
s missing? Other things are simply not interesting to do, only swimming. It’s always been like this, but then I realized that I live in too small a world. Now I force myself to develop in other directions – more reading, dabbling, drawing something on a notebook. Maybe then I’ll try to sell some leaf for a thousand dollars, and everyone will shout, “This is art”! I don’t know what’s going on, to be honest. Although people in jars buy Finnish air or not Finnish… I don’t remember! But the air! A jar of air! I opened the jar, and that’s it, the air came out. I don’t understand it, but whoever knows how he does makes money.

Everyone on the football team hated me.

– I remember that you were recognized as the athlete of the year. How did you like the ceremony? – It
is difficult to fit into such a history in our country, especially a swimmer. I had Fyodor Smolov, Khabib (Nurmagomedov). If they were, they would be recognized immediately, and then came some swimmer, who won there gold for the first time in 14 years. But then Smolov – the champion of Russia, the top scorer! Mine and his achievements were compared. And if you compare how recognizable it is and how much I… I understand that it depends on the promotion of the sport, but it was still strange for me. I was rewarded – yes, it was cool, but no one knew me there.

– Well, you understand that it is hard for anyone to compete with football in other countries.- In Au
stralia and the USA in a different way. In the U.S., it’s hard to compete with baseball and American football. Well, what can I say: as it is, so it is. I don’t like team sports at all. My father played football, I trained in the children’s team. I was a sports kid, I ran faster than those who are older, technical skills I have appeared. I became interested, and I feathered like a locomotive, but at some point began to realize that people are beginning to underwork, and I left there. I couldn’t stand it – I just fell for people and screamed. Now I’ve learned to control emotions, and as a child it was terrible. I was hated in the team, probably just by everyone (laughs).

– There are no such feelings in the
relay? Of course, I am an individualist, but in the relay everything is obvious – swam through the personal result and what questions can there be? In football, if someone has not finished, there is someone to insure, in swimming it will not work. You need to sail to the maximum result, and if someone does not do it, it is immediately visible. Mistakes in football are less obvious.

– Everyone sees the mistakes of goalkeepers an
d forwards.- I, by the way, never understood the attack on Igor Akinfeev. When they played at the World Cup, watched, worried, but, again, they took the eighth place at the World Cup, and we won the overall standings of the European Championship … Actually, in the quarterfinals at the World Cup, too, there was the European Championship. What’s going on? Does anyone remember that we won?

– Here Kliment Kolesnikov at the Youth Olympics fell on a football question – how does he feel about the actions of Kokorin and Mamaev
? – He has nothing to do with it? How many medals did he bring from the Youth Olympics? Does anyone remember that? But we are glad that the players played in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. When I go to the final at their distances, no one will just praise me for the final.

– Such thoughts do not beat on motivatio
n? – It is unpleasant, offensive, but I chose this sport. I’ll complain and keep working.

– How old do you
think you can swim? Not fast, but it will. If I continue to work like this, I can swim until The Age of 32-34. It is clear that at some point, probably, will have to go to 50 and 100 meters. Let’s see how it goes. Maybe I’ll get bored, it’s human psychology. You’ll never fully understand it and you can’t predict it.

Ria Sport / Veronika Gibadieva

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