Georgia – Russia draw!

Yesterday, July 21, 2019, in the “Park Arena” pool in the Bulgarian city of Burgas, the European Championship among boys born in 2004 and younger under the auspices of the European Water Sports Federation LEN (LEN European U15 Water Polo Championship) kicked off.
16 European teams, who qualified from the qualifying tournament held in March, will fight for the championship.

The first three matches ended with a crushing advantage of Hungary over Slovakia (20:6), Croatia over Romania (12:5) and Serbia over Slovenia (22:4).
In a more stubborn resistance, the Spanish team defeated Turkey (14:9).
The Italian national team won a confident victory over the Dutch national team (13:7).

The most difficult and exciting on the first day was the match between the national teams of Georgia and Russia. From the very beginning of the match, the game at our national team did not work out. The first period ended with a score of 2-5 in favor of the Georgian national team. The second period was not so generous for goals. Russia scored 1 goal for the entire period, and a second before the big break was awarded an annoying penalty in our goal, which Georgians managed to successfully implement. In the middle of the meeting our opponents were still 3 goals ahead. The 3rd period was also not successful for our team, 2-3. However, in the fourth period of the game our team managed to score 4 unanswered goals, and even the score. The outcome of the match is a draw, 9-9.
The match was a record for the number of removals (Georgia – 16, Russia – 22).

Stefan Markic for RussianAquatics

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