Sergey Markoc on the application of new rules in water polo.

Head coach of the women’s junior team Sergey Markic gave a short opinion on the new rules in water polo:

“He led the teams in two competitions, the W
orld Championship U19 Belgrade 2018. and the University of 2019.

In general, I like everything.

I think the purpose of the new rules:

  • HOME – increase attendance.
    Make it easier for viewers to understand water polo!

What I saw:

  • accelerated gameplay, entertainment.
  • The game has become less rough.
  • The viewer sees A LOT of heads, bumps and movements.
  • less refereeing whistles and stoppages of the game.

With the new rules, the game’s indicators have improved:

  • possession of the ball
  • more goals
  • more counterattacks and strikes
  • impact strikes
  • there were more fouls and disposals, penalty passes of the ball.
  • fewer free kicks from 6 yards.
Russia’s junior water polo team. UTS Ramensky. Saturn’s pool. 13/08/2018 preparations for the 2018 World Championships in Serbia. Mikhail Nakoryakov and Sergey Markic photo: #russportimage

As a result of the overall g
ame became:Faster, less rough
play, more variety of goals, fighting on all areas of the field, more attacking actions, increased number of attacks and respectively kicks and goals p
er game, more universal and individual game at technical Players.

Low players have become competitive.

Minus perhaps the reduction in the number of participants on the OI.”

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