“Thrash talking in swimming? It’s a possible future, but not for me.” Chupkov – about the colleagues’ mores

The best breaststroke in the 200 meters Russian AntonChupkov told “SE” about the preparations for the upcoming World Championships, which will be held in South Korea’s Gwangju on July 12-28.

Chupkov was born on
February 22, 1997 in Moscow. The first coach is Natalia Bykova. Personal trainer
– Alexander Nemtyrev. At this distance – bronze medalist of the Olympic Games 2016, world champion-2017, European champion 2018, five-time
champion of Russia (in 2015). At the beginning of his career he became a two-time winner of the 2014 Youth Olympic Games and became a four-time wi
nner of the first in the history of the European Games 2015.Personal record at 200 m – 2.06.80 (shown at the 2018 E
uropean Championships), is only 13 hundredths of a second worse than the world record of Japanese Ippei Watanabe.

There are a few strange people in Japan

– Anton, less than a month before the World Cup. How is your training going?

– Now I am at the base of “Lake Round”, I train, I bring myself to the tournament. The work has done a lot, I am satisfied with the current state. We have to make the last steps. Eyeliner is the main thing. I can hardly be called a big-name fan, but I will try to defend my title.

How many distances do you plan to perform?

– On two personal – 100 and 200 meters breaststroke, well, in the combined relay I hope to take part. “Two hundred” is, of course, the main one, but I also want to swim well.

” It is clear that 200 meters is your crown. But is there a desire to take a medal on a hundred, to expand the field of activity?

– To be honest, it’s hard to focus on it, the calendar is a bit pumped up. The 100 meters starts on the first day and the 200 starts only on the fifth day. The net pause between them is two days.

– Who is the main rival? Japanese Watanabe?

– I don’t want to single out anyone, this season there were a lot of good results, a few people swam for 2.07. There are actually many rivals, not one Watanabe.

– With him you recently got a cool final in Budapest. Overall the contact outside the pool is good?

It’s great. In April, he went to Japan to train before the Chinese stage of the “Champion Series.” He has a very positive coach – agreed, calmly swam. We communicate well with him.

“There’s no rivalry.

(Laughs.) Why is that? It is, of course. But in the pool.

“The Japanese are generally considered to be quite closed people. What do you think of Japan?

” They have a different mentality, some mentality, some of them…

Are they weird?

“Yes, a little bit. But it’s always great to go see the world, see something new. Although – at home is better.

– One of the most many breaststroke contenders is Kirill Prigoda. The relationship with him intra-species competition does not affect?

No, we’re friends. We go to each other’s birthdayparties , although he is from Peter, and I am from Moscow.

– Does the Moscow-Petersburg confrontation still exist?

Russian Swimming Championships 20-25.04.2018 photo: #russportimage

– In words, in the format of jokes – of course.

I’m on the drum disqualification Meilutite

– I can’t help but ask you about doping, it continues to draw attention to swimming. How did the news about Meilutit’s departure, which criticized the Russians, and in the end ran into a disqualifying one? Or here was the story of Sun Yan, who allegedly smashed his samples with a hammer.

I haven’t even heard of Sun Jan, to be honest. I won’t take your word for it, but I haven’t read it.

“I wasn’t even there myself, actually.

That’s right. And if we talk about Meilutitand and even in general – I do not care. That is, I go online, see this news, click – read and closed. I don’t feel any critical emotions, and I don’t dwell on it. We don’t even discuss these scandals in the team.

– Swimming is a medal-intensive Olympic sport, but it cannot be said that in Russia it collects queues at the box office. Is there anything we can do about it?

I have a slightly different feeling. In Kazan at the Russian Championship and the World Cup stage was almost sold-out, the strongest support, the roar of the stands was felt directly harshly! Swimming is slowly becoming more successful, more spectacular – and people come. People are interested. I periodically hold workshops for children, it is interesting to see their faces, how they are interested, how they want to become successful in swimming. I have something to show.

“MMA, for example, was very fast-tracked thanks to thrashing. Shouldn’t the swimmers take any of this? You said something to Watanabe, he said, the media quoted – and people will pay attention.

(Laughs.) In principle, why not? This is a possible option for swimming in the future. Although it’s not for me, I wouldn’t concentrate on it before the start. But someone might like it.

Akinfeev is an example to me

– Do you keep following CSKA?

“What about. Where are they now, in Austria? It’s where the pre-season tournament is held.

You’re on the subject.

– Of course, I’m a fan. I’ll watch. Here‘s Vlasic signed, good reinforcement. It was immediately obvious that he fit into the team. I hope it’s going to get even better.

– But last season was average.

” Yes, the second part was unsuccessful. I watched as well as I could, but because of the competition it was not always possible to come to the stadium. And so, when I can – always in the stands.

– Is someone at CSKA an example for you?

– I support the whole team, but, of course, our captain Igor Akinfeev is the benchmark. Yes, he can be called an example of an athlete. Real leadership qualities – even on TV you can hear how he “sticks” his own.

I would like to try to climb into the hole for baptism

“I saw you defended your diploma.

– Yes, but it is not at the university, I went to the fourth year at the RGUFC. He defended himself in the School of Olympic Reserve No.3. The theme was about flexibility in the breaststroke, in short.

“Valili”? If that word applies to a breaststroke and a world champion.

” I prepared well, so They didn’t fail.

Was there a graduation?

– Yes, I had to come from “Lake Round” and could not refuse. They handed me my diploma with honors, sat for a while and went back to training.

Even without champagne?

No, I don’t think so. I was driving.

— You put up a picture of you swimming in the pool in winter. Do you really train outdoors even in winter?

“Of course, in winter, autumn and spring. This is my training pool. But it’s heated, there’s comfortable water.

What was the minimum temperature?

Well, in “minus 25” swam.

Did you ever jump into the hole at the baptism?

No, never. But in general, I really want to try.

– Maybe, then, and swimming on open water to try?

No, thank you. (Laughs.) It takes a long time to prepare for this. Including psychologically. And I have the World Championships and the Olympic Games ahead of me.

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