Naples 2019. Water polo. The Russian national team advances to the semifinals of the tournament

The Russian men's team beat Australia 13-7, while the Russian women's team beat China 12-8. Both teams received tickets to the semifinals of the tournament.

Our game against Australia determined the first semi-finalist. Fortunately, the first lucky team was Russia. We had a very good start, led 6-0 and calmed down a little, which allowed the opponent to close the gap to a minimum of 6-6. But then the guys got together and and ended in our favor 13-7. We will prepare for the opponent in the semifinals, which will be determined in the game Italy-France. 

Sergey Evstigneev, head coach of the Russian men's team for RA

Goals: Me
rkulov, Bychkov, Zinurov – 3; U
sov, Derevyankin, Vasilyev, Krug – 1. 

The Russian national team and its head coach Sergey Markic

We managed to control the game from the first to the last minute. Having won the first period and developed the advantage in the second, we managed to keep it, thanks to the competent coordinated work and actions of all the players.

Sergey Markic, head coach of the Russian women's team for RA
Hungary – Russian national team rivals in the semi-
finalsPhoto courtesy of Hungary

Organized played, albeit with trembling hands. The first three goals were thrown from the post. In our team there was Margarita Pystina, who today threw 6 goals to her opponents. I also note Kempf, Popov and Stepakhin. In general, thank you to the whole team, which allowed to show leadership qualities to the above-mentioned players.

Mikhail Nakoryakov, coach of the Russian women's team for RA

RussianAquatics Press Service / Savchenko Pavel

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