Water polo. Women. Italy – Russia.

Today at 20:30 Moscow read on our website live broadcast from the game Italy – Russia. The game promises to be interesting and rich.

Sergey Markic answered a couple of our questions before the match:

RA: Sergey Ivanovich, the results of the games at the Universiade are impressive! All won and very serious rivals with the U.S. 9:10, China 17:12, Australia 17:7! I must say that all the opponents imposed a force fight, and we played very competently tactically, especially with Australia it was evident. Our players, how receptive are they to coaching settings?

Markic: Russia is the youngest team at the Universiade.
Players from 1999, and younger (the youngest in the tournament, our Regina Galimzyanova) in preparation for the World Championship sits Universiade in Italy.
We are inferior to everyone in anthropometric data, growth, weight.
In three games played outperformed rivals in speed, mobility, accuracy. We are not pressured by anything, we play with more experienced, age (under 25 years) opponents. We do what we managed to earn at the training camp in Kislovodsk and Orlyonka. It turns out modern, high-quality water polo. We and our fans enjoy the numbers on the scoreboard and the content of our game!

photo: #russportimage

RA: There will be a game against Italy. What will you say, or have already been told to the team at the pregame installation

Markic: Preparation for the game is going according to plan. All the players are in line!
In the morning there was a warm-up in the pool.

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