Naples 2019. Water polo. July 8 at 14:30 (Moscow) will be a game between the U.S. and Russia

It is expected a heavy, equal game. Russia is expected to be arguably the strongest opponent in this tournament. Both teams played about the same with Korea, but in the game against France and England the teams showed themselves differently. In both games, the performance of the team from America was less than that of the Russian team, and the number of goals the Americans had more in each of the games.

The head coach of the team Sergey Evstigneev commented on the upcoming meeting: “In our group we have one game left to play with America. This meeting will determine the winner of the group and the team that will remain in second place. Team America is a serious opponent, the players are physically well developed. Student teams in America are always a serious contender. We’re expecting a tough game.”

Sergey Evstigneev for RussianAquatics

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