Naples 2019. The game between Russia and Australia is over

Sergey Markic and Mikhail Nakoryakov with fans.

The game between the women’s teams of Russia and Australia ended with a score of 17:7.

In the Russian national team played:

  1. Diana Hamraeva
  2. Kempf Pauline
  3. Elizabeth’s platinum
  4. Pystina Margarita
  5. Anastasia Diachenko
  6. Polina Popova
  7. Chagochkina Daria
  8. Anastasia Leonova
  9. Galimzyanova Regina
  10. Alina Inogamova
  11. Mehteleva Love
  12. Lip Hope
  13. Stepakhina Svetlana

The coaches of the Russian national team gave post-match comments:

Sergey Markic: “Diametrically opposed to yesterday’s game, our game in defense today. It turned out everything that we played during the two training camps. It turned out to be a game that we demand – “it’s better not to score than to miss.” Having worked in defense they scored good goals after the prepared attacks.”

Mikhail Nakoryakov: “Well dismantled at the installation of today’s opponent. The strong qualities of the Australians in the game against China we eliminated today and played well in attack. They scored sighted goals and played smart water polo, although the opponent imposed a tough fight. Today I want to celebrate the game of our goalkeepers and defenders.”

Sergey Markic and Mikhail Nakoryakov for RussianAquatics

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