The russian men’s water polo team has been announced and will perform at the Summer Universiade in Naples

The All-Russia Water Polo Federation has announced the line-up of the men’s water polo team, which will perform at the 2019 Universiade in Naples.

The line-up includes:

  1. Statsenko Vitaly, 1997, KMS, Dynamo Moscow
  2. Ivan Suchkov, 1995, MS, Dynamo Moscow
  3. Derevyankin Nikita, 1994, MS, Steaua, Romania
  4. Kharkiv Konstantin, 1997, MS, “Young,” Croatia
  5. Daniil Merkulov, 1997, MC, South, Croatia
  6. Bychkov Igor, 1994, MS, Dynamo Moscow
  7. Vasilyev Ivan, 2000, KMS, Baltika St. Petersburg
  8. Nikita Circle, 1998, MS, Spartak Volgograd
  9. Usov Roman, 1997, KMS, “Sturm-2002,” MoD
  10. Ivan Husarov, 1997, KMS, Dynamo-COP Moskomsport. Moscow
  11. Sinnurov Emil,1999, KMS, Synthesis Kazan
  12. Igor Chirkov, 1999, KMS, Synthesis-UOR Kazan
  13. Ivan Koptsev, 1994, MS, Dynamo Moscow

Coaching staff:

Head Coach – Evstigneev Sergey, SMS

Coach – Marat Sagitovich, SMS

Analytical Coach – Galkin Vladimir

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