The head coach of the Russian women’s junior water polo team named the squad of the team that will perform at the Universiade in Naples

Head coach of the Women’s Junior Team of Russia Sergey Markic named the main team, which will take part in the Universiade Naples 2019.

The Universiade in Naples will be held from April 2 to 14. The Russian water polo team includes:

  1. Pystina Margarita, September 28, 2000, KMS, “Burevestnik-NNSU,” D. Nizhny Novgorod
  2. Diana Hamraeva, January 26, 2001, KMS, “Burevestnik-NNSU,” D. Nizhny Novgorod
  3. Chagochkina Daria, May 11, 2001, KMS, Burevestnik-NNSU, Nizhny Novgorod
  4. Popova Polina, 10.08.2000, KMS, Dynamo Uralochka, D. Zlatoust
  5. Elizabeth, April 13, 1999, MS, Dynamo Uralochka, D.C. Zlatoust
  6. Galimzyanova Regina, 05.10.2001, KMS, Dynamo Uralochka, D.C. Zlatoust
  7. Lipskaya Hope, September 27, 2001, KMS, Dynamo Uralochka, G. Zlatoust
  8. Diachenko Anastasia, 15.03.1999, MS, “KINEF-Surgutneftegaz,” Kirishi
  9. Stepakhina Svetlana, 30.06.1999, KMS, YUgra, D. Hunts-Mansi
  10. Leonova Anastasia, 23.07.1999, KMS, UGRA, Hunts-Mansi
  11. Kempf Polina, January 30, 1999, MS, Dynamo – SKIF, G. Moscow (Captain)
  12. Alina Inogamova, 14.10.1999, KMS, Sturm-2002, Ruza
  13. Mehteleva Love, 12.06.1999, KMS, Dynamo – SKIF, G. Moscow

The head coach of the team Sergey Markic told about the preparation of the Russian national team for these starts: “The youth team of Russia (1999). and younger) began training with the World Championship (09 – 15 September) and Universiade (02 – 13 July) on May 18 in Kislovodsk. The pool is located at an altitude of 1300 m above sea level. Excellent sports base, good hotel, food. 

UTS (training camp was held for 14 days. We looked at 20 candidates for the national team. For the first time were invited: Mehteleva Love, Shapkinanastasia Anastasia – SKIF Moscow, Inogamova Alina – Sturm. 

After a short pause, we continued our training in the Eagle Pool. Base, yachts – The Tornado Club is located in the village of Novomikhailovsky, we are always welcome there and we traditionally begin training on the shores of the Black Sea. Now in the suburbs at the base of “Lake Round” we hold joint training with the national team of Kazakhstan (preparing for the World Cup) every evening we play. On June 30, the team will fly to Italy for the Universiade.”

Extensive work has been done, we wish our athletes only victories!

Sergey Markic for russianaquatics

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