Jumping in the water. Grand Prix. Chernykh and Lapin were second in the mix on the springboard, Selvanovskaya and Stepanova – 3rd on the tower

Russians Daria Selvanovskaya and Tatiana Stepanova won the bronze medal of the fifth stage of the Grand Prix in diving in Bolzano.

Elena Chernykh and Egor Lapin were second in the mixed duet competition on the three-meter springboard.

Synchronized diving

Grand Prix

Bolzano, Italy


Tower, 10 m

1. Noemi Batki vs Chiara Pellacani (Italy) – 284.10
2. Nicoleta Muscalu – Krina Tofan (Romania) – 274.92
3. Daria Selvanovskaya vs Tatiana Stepanova (Russia) – 226.98


Tramplin, 3 m

1. Alice Cui – Scapes Brose (Australia) – 257.76
2. Elena Chernykh vs Egor Lapin (Russia) – 250.80
3. Yukiko Wakabayashi – Chiaki Otsuka (Japan) – 238.32


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