KINEF-Surgutneftegaz – 17-time champion of Russia

Kirish”KINEF-Surgutneftegaz won gold medals of the Russian women’s team championship for the 17th time in a row.

In the second meeting of the final series against Spartak-Volgograd, the Kirishans won 14-7. Thus, THE advantage of “KINEF-Surgutneftegaz” over the rivals after the results of the two matches of the final was 15 goals. In the Kirishanok spartaoks the balls were thrown ten water polo players, and the most effective in this game was Ekaterina Prokofieva, who scored three goals.

“It is impossible to get used to the success escoms of our wonderful team. Despite the impressive list of sports trophies, every victory of the Kirishanok is a new page in the history of the national women’s water polo, it is a colossal intensity of sports passions, positive emotions for thousands of fans. And, of course, this is the result of the huge work of the whole team. On behalf of the Leningraders, I sincerely congratulate the participants, as well as the coaching staff and management of the women’s water polo team “KINEF-Surgutneftegaz” with another brilliant victory. We are proud of your achievements, which are equal to all young athletes in the region today. Winning the Russian Championship is an excellent contribution of the Kirishanok sway to promote sports and healthy lifestyle, to promote a year of healthy living in the Leningrad region. We have a large program of construction of sports facilities, improving medical care. But this year it is important to draw people’s attention to the need to take care of health, move more, simple things that can improve the quality of life of everyone,” said the governor of the Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko.

Prokofiev, along with Anna Karnaukh, took part in the first meeting of the government of the Leningrad region in 2019, which was declared the year of healthy living, which began with a warm-up. Athletes showed exercises for training head, neck, shoulder belt, hands and hands. After the warm-up, the head of the region presented Prokofiev with a gift – a gubernatorial watch.

It is interesting that the 17-time champion of the country in the Kirish team was Evgenia Soboleva – a native of The city of Kirishi, captain of the team “KINEF-Surgutneftegaz”, a player of the Russian national team, olympic medalist. Before the final episode, she spoke to her Instagram account @zdorovo_lo about her attitude to a healthy lifestyle.

“Sports are not only a beautiful figure, health and longevity. People who play sports are purposeful in life, know what they want and achieve their goals. Exercise!” wrote before The Final Series of Soboleva on Instagram.


Dmitry SOMOV


KINEF-Surgutneftegaz – 17-time champion of Russia

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