Russians take five medals in Kazan at world series on diving

In Kazan, the Russian national team did not play in the optimal line-up, as Ilya zakharov has not yet recovered from injury. For many athletes, this stage was preparatory before the Russian championship, which will determine the composition of the national team for the World Championships in South Korea. In the absence of his usual partner Evgeny Kuznetsov won silver in ski jumping paired with Nikita Schleicher.
“We didn’t perform the third and fourth jumps very well. There are problems with the performance of jumps, with synchronicity. It’s said that not so long ago together. We hope that my usual partner Ilya zakharov will recover for the World Cup,” Kuznetsov told reporters.
Kuznetsov also added silver in individual ski jumping to his collection, and The World Series leader Jack Lowe won the world series.
With two silver medals left Kazan Alexander Bondar, who first became the second in the jump from the tower with Viktor Minibayev, and then in individual jumps lost only to the Chinese Yang Hao. According to Minibayev, the athletes are under load, so the performance turned out to be not ideal.
“I’m not particularly happy with the performance. It was below average. In all jumps there are mistakes, there is something to work on. We are now working, training, we are under load, so very good jumps today should not have been expected. While the middle of the season, there is time to prepare for the World Aquatics Championships. There were mistakes, but not only we, but also our opponents were wrong, many are also under loads,” Minibayev told reporters. (photo bandar minibaen onsmi)
The girls’ bronze sat on Yulia Timoshinina and Ekaterina Belyaeva in the tower jump remained the only award of the Russian team in Kazan. Duet Ulyana Klyueva – Vitaliy Korolev became the fourth in the jump from the 3-meter springboard, and in the individual program the athletes could not reach the final. Timoshinina took the last place among all participants in the tower jumps.
“There are problems for girls. The young couple on the springboard did not succeed, but we will work further, as they can do better and show it in training. It’s a dual feeling, but we will continue to work,” the head coach of the Russian team Svetlana Moiseeva told reporters.
According to her, in general, the team deserved a “satisfactory” rating for the performance in Kazan.
“I am satisfied with the results of the stage. Something happened, something pleased. The guys in individual jumps showed good high-class jumps – and Eugene Kuznetsov on the springboard, and Sasha Bondar on the tower. Nikita Schleicher is a little harder to jump at home, but in general he is in good condition,” Moiseeva said.

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